Focus Group Discussion

Friday, November 2, 2018

1. Focus Group Discussion ” Innovation Gathering of Cocoa”

TimeFocus Group DiscussionTopic
08.00-08.20Dr. Ir. Agung Wahyu Susilo, MSc.

Director of Indonesian Coffee Cocoa
Research Institute
Development of New Research on Indonesian Cocoa
08.20-08.40Dr. Ir. Soetanto Abdullah, MSi,

Director of Indonesian Cocoa Board
Recent Condition And Prospect Of Indonesian Cocoa In Global Era
08.40-09.00Dr. Ir. Syafaruddin, MSc.

Direktur Balai Penelitian Tanaman Industri dan
Penyegar – Kementerian Pertanian
Innovation of Agrotechnology of Indoesian Cocoa
09.00-09.20Kepala Dinas Perkebunan Propinsi Jawa TimurCocoa Farming Development Plan in East Java
09.20-09.40PT. Cargill IndonesiaThe Role of Industry in the Development of People's Cocoa
09.40-10.00R. Wisman Djaja

PT. Nestle Indonesia
Increasing synergistic relations of Industries and Plantation based
community cocoa
10.00-10.20Isdarmawan Asrikan

East Java Export Entrepreneurs Association
Prospects for Smallholder Cocoa Export Development
10.20-11.30Discussion and memorandum of understanding (MoU)
11.30-12.30Break time
12.30-14.00FieldTrip about On Farm and Laboratorium (how to make seeds
Somatic Embryogenesis, Tissue Culture, Fertilization, Pruning,
Pest Management) in Indonesian Coffee and Cocoa Reseach Institute
14.00-15.00Trip to Puslitkoka PB Sudirman - Kaliwening Jenggawah
15.00-17.00Fieldtrip On Farm (cultivation of cocoa and coffee) and Off
Farm (processing of cocoa butter, cocoa powder, chocolate bar, chocolate cake,
chocolate drink dll) in Indonesian Coffee and Cocoa Reseach Institute – Kaliwening Jember

Friday, November 2, 2018

2. Focus Group Discussion ” Go Geographic Indication for Jember  Coffee” ( seat have fulled)

Time Focus Group Discussion Schedule
13.00-17.00Rountable Stakeholder Meeting and fieldtrip to On Farm and Off Farm of Coffee